Saturday, May 8, 2010

NEW MIXTAPE ≤≤≤∆∆∆≥≥≥ MDA ≤≤≤∆∆∆≥≥≥

MDA Mixtape by djgordongekko

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MDA MIXTAPE (Individual Tracks) []

∆1. A Milli Coast Highway (Kavinsky-Pacific Coast Highway [Jackson Remix] vs. Lil Wayne-A Milli)
∆2. I Like Making You Look (Cinnamon Chasers-I Like Watching You [Diamond Cut Remix] vs. Nas-Made You Look)
∆3. Beeper Denial (MillionYoung-Soft Denial vs. Fam Lay-Da Beeper Record)
∆4. Mulsztomania (Phoenix-Lisztomania vs. Russ Chimes-Mulsanne)
∆5. I’d Rather Get Some Heartbeats (Three 6 Mafia-I'd Rather vs. Grum-Heartbeats [Joe & Will Ask Remix])
∆6. Cash With Her (Miami Horror-Don't Be On With Her [Treasure Fingers Remix] vs. Currency ft. Lil Wayne-Where The Cash At)
∆∆7. In Magic City (HEALTH-In Heat [Javelin Remix] vs. Cherish ft. 2xl & Unk-Magic City)
∆∆8. Osaka Pillz (Discovery-Osaka Loop Line vs. Gucci Mane-Pillz)
∆∆9. Drop & Gimmie DatA (Tepr-Minuit Jacuzzi [DatA remix] vs. Mike Jones ft. Hurricane Chris-Drop & Gimmie 50)
∆∆10. Baller Lives (Vitalic-Second Lives [Bloody Beetroots Remix) vs. Project Pat-Ballers)
∆∆11. Getting Over It (Jay Z-Blue Magic vs. Robot Disaster-Guitars Are Overrated [Neo Tokyo Remix)
∆∆12. This Is Why She Never Came Back (Mims-This Is Why I'm Hot vs. College ft. Electric Youth-She Never Came Back [Outrunners Remix])
∆∆∆13. Adventures With Guccis On My Feet (Bake Up Boyz-Guccis On My Feet vs. Fear Of Tigers-Adventures of Pippi Longstrump [Edwin Van Cleef Remix])
∆∆∆14. Empathy Back (Crystal Castles-Empathy vs. T.I. ft. UGK-Front Back)
∆∆∆15. Better Signatune (Amanda Blank-I Would Like You Better vs. DJ Mehdi-Signatune [Spiller Remix])
∆∆∆16. ElectrixxSoul (Electrixx-Tetris vs. Adam Freeland-We Want Your Soul)
∆∆∆17. Bigger Than The Bank (Super Mal-Bigger Than Big [Bag Raiders Remix] vs. 50 Cent-Straight To The Bank)
∆∆∆18. Hammurabi-Acid Jam #1
≤≤≤ Quotes from Sealab 2021-S02E02-“Stimutacs” (2002) ≥≥≥
≤≤≤ Cover art- "Grass" by GEK ≥≥≥

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    However we are trying to get all the DJs involve with this project.